Your booking will be secure once we have received a completed form and full payment for the service to be provided. Your booking will then be confirmed by email and further details supplied that are relevant to your activity, along with map and directions.


Payment details are as follows:
Account name: Littlefolkland ltd
Sort code: 206088
Account number: 50123544


This contract shall be governed by English law and shall be subject to non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.


If you have a complaint or are unhappy with any aspect of Littlefolkland please email or use the contact form provided on the website. Any complaint will be acknowledged within 5 working days and a resolution or explanation proposed within 30 working days. All complaints will be dealt with fairly and in the strictest confidence. No information supplied will be used for any other purpose other than to respond to the complaint.


If your child or a child in your group has a learning /support mentor at school we require you to provide a similar mentor to support your child during the Littlefolkland Woodland Holiday Club. The mentor must be a qualified person with credentials which can be checked. This person must have a CRB certificate. If Littlefolkland re not informed of your child’s needs during the booking process, you will be contacted and asked to provide a support mentor. If you are unable to do so, you will be required to collect your child from Littlefolkland’s programme. This condition is in place to keep your child safe and secure in an outdoor learning environment.


By signing the photo consent form, you authorise Littlefolkland to use photos and video footage taken during your activity to be used explicitly for Littlefolkland marketing and promotional material.


I authorise any Littlefolkland staff holding a current first aid certificate to administer first aid treatment to my child/children. This may be in the form of minor or major life saving treatment. I authorise Littlefolkland to consent to any x-ray, examination, anaesthetic, diagnosis, treatment, and/or hospital care that may be recommended by a licensed physician or dentist. For minor illnesses or injuries, I understand that Littlefolkland will attempt to contact the parents/guardian at the earliest practicable opportunity. For major illnesses or injures, Littlefolkland will attempt to contact the parents/guardians before the commencement of any medical treatment, unless the child’s condition is such that treatment must be commenced immediately before contact with the parent/guardian can be made. Even if the parents/guardians cannot be reached, this authorisation remains in full force and effect.


Activities at Littlefolkland may be strenuous at times, but are within the capabilities of children and adults in good health. Participants should ensure that they are in a satisfactory state of health before booking. Participants are requested to provide any relevant medical and dietary information at the time of booking so that necessary arrangements can be made.


At Littlefolkland all staff have an enhanced CRB disclosure, first aid trained and carry a first aid kit with them at all times.


Littlefolkland activities often take place in woodlands and green spaces, so by their very nature are not entirely free from hazard. We make every effort to minimise risk to participants and ensure that Health and Safety issues are identified and communicated. As such Littlefolkland accepts no responsibility for accidents or injury and that participants take part in the activities at their own risk. Littlefolkland reserves the right to exclude any person whose behaviour endangers themselves or others, and is deemed inappropriate.


• Littlefolkland has combined public and employers liability certificate of insurance with Gables Insurance A.G insured through Nature Save Insurance.
• We advise that the organisers check their own insurance with regards to personal liabilities and make their own arrangements.
• Details of the insurance cover and certificate can be viewed upon request
• In the case of an emergency and participants need to be transported, Littlefolkland have business cover on its vehicles.


In the unlikely event that we need to cancel a booking due to circumstances beyond our control such as poor weather conditions or staffing issues, we will contact you by phone as soon as we are aware and discuss an alternative with you.
• Birthday Party Booking – we will offer you an alternative date to suit you or a full refund
• Woodlands Holiday Club bookings – We will offer you a refund; we may be able to offer alternative date depending on availability
• Educational Programme Bookings – We will offer you an alternative date to suit you or a full refund
If you cancel your booking:
• 4 weeks prior to the date of your activity, 30% of the total cost will be charged and the rest will be refunded.
• 2 weeks prior to the date of your activity, 50% of the total cost will be charged and the rest will be refunded.
• 1 week prior to the date of your activity, no refund will be issued.
Activities are priced on a minimal number of participants taking part, if this number is not reached Littlefolkland reserves the right to re-schedule or cancel the activity. If the activity is cancelled for such reason, a refund will be issued.
Refund will not be issues if:
• Participants do not attend the day due to personal reasons and illness
• Littlefolkland asks a participant to leave due to misbehaviour which is deemed detrimental to themselves and/or others.
• A child/family/group is unhappy with our programme of activities. We will however listen to any complaints or concerns with them on a case by case basis.

thank you